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CTK Trucking & Logistics is here to offer our full-service furniture removal to those living in or around the New York City area. What’s troubling you in your home or workplace? Could it be a busted-up sofa that’s seen better days? Or, maybe it’s cabinets that are a few years away from falling apart altogether. No matter the task, there’s no need to worry about it! CTK Trucking is ready to get rid of that old furniture for you ASAP!

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Why CTK Trucking?

So, why choose us? That’s a good question with an even better answer! At CTK Trucking, our mission is to give you the best service possible, and there’s a few ways we go about that. First, we offer our services at a valuable price—something that won’t leave you empty-handed. In addition, we’re also fully licensed and insured. As specialists, we want to get the job done right and safely—something that a sketchy furniture removal listing on Craigslist simply can’t beat. Why settle for less when you can have our acclaimed services instead? It’s as clear as day that CTK Trucking is the best choice for you!

Scheduling Your Furniture Removal

Fortunately, getting started with CTK Trucking is as easy as one, two, three. First, just pick up your phone and give us a call. Or, if it’s more your style, you can book online using our website’s scheduling tool. Either way, one of our friendly employees will soon ask you for more details on your furniture removal near the New York City area. Once you’ve answered our questions, we can give you an over-the-phone estimate so you have a general idea what the cost will be. Then, you’ll also receive a 2-hour arrival window, so you’ll know when to expect our arrival, too. Pretty easy, right? Just like that, CTK Trucking is gearing up for your furniture removal job!

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During Your Appointment

Once CTK Trucking arrives at your site, take them to your furniture so we can assess the job. Whether we’re dealing with sofas, cabinets, dressers, or armoires, we’ll figure out an in-person quote so you know exactly what you’re paying. Our pricing is based on how much room your furniture will take up in our truck—no hidden fees or cheap shots here. Once you agree to the quote, we’ll start hauling that furniture right out of there! In addition, we strive to donate as much of your old furniture as possible to give it a new life with someone else in the community. So you can feel good, knowing that keeping junk out of the landfill and helping those in need together.


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