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Convenient Commercial Delivery Services

In NYC, business never slows down. Whether you’re operating a restaurant, a retail outlet, or something else, we’re here to help with custom commercial delivery services to keep your company up and running. Give us a phone call to get started today!

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We Know Our Way Around

As a company located right here in New York City, we’re more than used to navigating our many busy streets and roads. We’re not some out-of-towners struggling to get around the Big Apple. We know the best routes, and we won’t let any old traffic jam stop us from providing commercial delivery to your business. 

Keeping You Stocked and Prepared

It’s never fun to run out of stock while operating your business. Fortunately, CTK Trucking can bring you what you need and when you need it, saving you from having to take time-consuming trips of your own. 

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Big Truck for Big Deliveries

Our box truck is more than ready to haul packages upon packages to your business, and it’s got the size to carry everything in one trip. With CTK Trucking, you won’t have to wait for us to turn around and come back with a second load. Everything comes in one go!

No-Hassle Unloading

Once our commercial delivery services have arrived at your business with a shipment, we’ll make our way out back and start the unloading process. Our team is more than used to hauling from our various other services, so you know we’ll get those boxes into your building at an efficient and reasonable rate. 

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